Corporate Culture

Ethical Management

Dongwoo International practices Ethical Management.

Business Ethics

Business ethics is a management method that aims to gain trust from stakeholders, including customers, through the faithful practice of the ethical responsibilities required by law, economic circles and society. Dongwoo International places ethical management as the top priority in its business activities.

Code of Ethics

Dongwoo International has been a leader in the international logistics field for over 40 years, offering a wide range of services to customers around the world.
For our company to continue to grow and prosper, it is essential that everyone in the company set an exemplary example of commitment to a code of ethical conduct. We hereby adopt this Code of Ethics as the ethical and behavioral standards for all directors and employees to follow.

Commitment to Employees

Commitment to Employees

The company shall recognize contributions made by employees with respect and fairness to individual employees,
shall maintain a framework for fair payment regulations, and shall help and support training and skill development for employees at all levels.
Commitment of our employees

Commitment from Employees

We, the employees, shall endeavor to realize the core values of the company with the pride and honor of members,
and shall engage in our work in a legal, ethical way based on a sound knowledge of related laws and company regulations.
Commitment to Customers

Commitment to Customers

In terms of conducting business with customers, Dongwoo International prioritizes sincerity as a core requirement and
shall offer services that ensure quality, reliability and stability for collaborations and customer satisfaction.
Commitment to Stockholders and Investors

Commitment to Stockholders and Investors

Dongwoo International recognizes the necessity of trust from the investment community for success,
and the company shall endeavor to protect the rights of stockholders and investors.
Commitment to Suppliers

Commitment to Suppliers

In order to establish and develop a sound relationship with its suppliers based on honesty, fairness and mutual trust,
Dongwoo International shall not abuse the company’s purchasing power
Commitment to the Government and Local Communities

Commitment to the Government and Local Communities

Dongwoo International complies with state laws and promises to conduct business within the boundaries of law while seeking ways
to contribute in the economic welfare and social development of the country and local communities.