Corporate Culture

Ideal Talent

The Future of Dongwoo International Comes from Your Will to Take on Challenges.


Dongwoo International promises its future employees that they will be able to realize their dreams.

  • Talented Employees with Loyalty

    Ethical employees with sound and sincere hearts, who are responsible when it comes to keeping promises made with their family members, coworkers,
    company or customers, and who always consider others with the belief that losing trust means losing everything.

  • Talented Employees Leading Change with Creative Challenges

    Challenging talented employees who do not fear failure, with a strong sense for innovation, leading and adventuring, and the will to implement new things,
    and who are never content with the present but continue to preemptively challenge themselves with an open and critical mind.

  • Talented Employees with the Will to Become the Best

    Talented employees who have the will and drive to become the best in the field by pursuing continuous innovation based on expert knowledge
    and open-minded thinking.

  • Talented Employees Collaborating with Each Other for the Organization’s Goals

    Talented employees who practice harmony to achieve their goals based on positive thinking and collaboration with partners.